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 So I was trying to bake for our first Amnesty meeting of the year - which was a great success, by the way; we had about 75 people come! But we only have a 13x9 pan in the suite, so my brownies-from-a-mix came out wayyy too thin. I guess I could have put two mixes in, but there are definitely things I like to make that work better in a 9x9 or 8x8. Also, we STILL don't have a spatula (like the rubbery kind) which is practically a crime against humanity. I'm not sure how people survive without one: here in suite 9F we've been reduced to a semi-barbaric state. I'm hiding under the bed with some rice pellets while the fight for survival rages on.

Also, some new running headphones would be nice. I seem to wear out the connections in the wires really quickly, so I'm only getting sound in one ear. It's like walking through the world with one eye closed. I also need new ipod headphones, since I think I got sand in them at the beach this summer, which makes the sound really really bad, but these I think apple will replace, as long as my ipod is still covered by a warranty.

P.S. Obama and McCain are coming to campus tonight!! Another thing I want this fall is a mind-controlling device, to be used on certain parts of the South. Or maybe I could convince McCain to drop out...?

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